About WinSplits

WinSplits is a software system created for presentation and analysis of split times from orienteering competitions. These split times are stored in a database that constitutes the core of the WinSplits system. Event organisers update the database by uploading split time files via the internet. Participants and other users can then view and analyse the split times using either WinSplits Online or WinSplits Pro. The following diagram describes the information flow.

Event organiser

  • uploads a split time file created by a competition management system (for example, OLA or OE200x) that is processed and placed into the WinSplits database
  • receives a link to the event's split times in WinSplits Online that can be placed on the event's own website
  • uses the service entirely for free


  • can visit WinSplits Online for free and browse the split times on a basic level
  • can buy a license for WinSplits Pro and thereby get access to an advanced and exciting analysis tool

Swedish Orienteering Federation

  • is responsible for server space, as well as for the administration and maintenance of the WinSplits database and for WinSplits Online
  • recommends for all Swedish event organisers to use WinSplits as an extra service for competitors

Contour Line Technology AB

  • is the creator of WinSplits and has been developing the system since the end of the 1990's
  • is responsible for WinSplits Pro


Our aim is to provide a high-quality service, and therefore we are happy to hear users' opinions of WinSplits. Use the contact form below to send suggestions and future development possibilities.