Help for uploading split times

In order to keep WinSplits Online's database up to date, organizers of orienteering events are asked to submit their split time data. But how do you as an organizer do that? Answers to upload related questions are given on this page.

What is needed to upload split times?

The event must have used an event administration system compatible with WinSplits Online. In other words: the event administration system should be able to create an export file containing event data, including split times, that is supported by WinSplits Online. The file, once created, is then uploaded to the database through a web page form.

What administrative systems and file formats are supported?

WinSplits Online is compatible with the major event administration systems, including Sport Software's software (OE20xx, MT20xx, OS20xx) and systems able to create files in the standardized XML format specified by the International Orienteering Federation (e g Emit's eTiming).

Instructions for how to create a split time file using the major event administration systems are given in the file creation guide. File formats supported by WinSplits Online are listed on the file format page.

I have created a split time file. What to do next?

If the file is large, or if your internet connection is slow, we suggest that you zip-compress the file. Then proceed to the upload pages and follow the instructions given there. You will be guided through a five step process, including file format selection, file upload, entering of event data and event information preview.

The splits from our event need to be updated. Is that possible?

Yes. Split times may be be updated and even removed from the database. In order to change any information, you need the event number and password given when the split times were uploaded for the first time. That means that you should carefully write down the event number and password that are shown when the upload process is completed, and store them properly. Most split times actually need to be updated later, even if it doesn't seem to be necessary.

I receive a message telling that the file is of invalid format. What to do?

First and foremost: make sure that the format of the file you have created matches the format that you selected during the first step of the upload process. If this is the case, the file is probably not created according to the instructions. Also make sure that the file is not edited outside the event administration system. If it still does not work, compress the file and e-mail it to

The upload process runs smoothly, but the split times look strange. What's wrong?

See the answer to the preceding question.

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