Information about file formats supported by WinSplits Online

WinSplits Online supports a number of split time file formats. If the event administration software is not able to create files in any of the following formats, please e-mail Software developers who want to adapt their software to WinSplits Online should consider using the IOF XML format.


The XML standard of the International Orienteering Federation specifies how to represent information related to orienteering events. Split time files in XML format can be created using a number of systems, including OLA (the event administration software of the Swedish Orienteering Federation), Emit's eTiming (version and later) and Sport Software's software from 2003 onwards. At least the following information should be presented for each runner:

  • Name
  • Club
  • Competitor status
  • Start time
  • Finish time
  • Control codes and punch times (relative to the start time) of all controls of the runner's course (the time element should be empty for controls that have not been visited)

IOF XML file sample >>
IOF XML standard website >>
Creating a XML file using Emit's eTiming software >>

Sport Software CSV

Character separated text files from Sport Software's software.

CSV file format sample >>
Creating a CSV file using Sport Software's software >>

Pekka Pirilš HTML/XML

HTML or XML files created by the major event administration system of Finland.

WinSplits Standard Text

Simple text file format used for importing split time data. This format was created for use with earlier versions of WinSplits, and is present for backward compatibility.

WinSplits Standard Text file format specification >>

WinSplits Standard Text file format sample >>

WinSplits SPL

The native binary file format of WinSplits. Users of the stand-alone WinSplits software can create and upload files in SPL format.

WinSplits website >>

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