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On this page you have access to bonus content: you can see eight of the tables and graphs that are available in WinSplits Pro. There are two randomly selected modes shown for each event. The rest of the modes are greyed and not available in WinSplits Online.
The Performance Index Graph shows the distribution of performance indices for each runner over all the legs of the course using a density curve. A runner's performance index on a leg is defined as the average of the fastest 25% split times on that leg divided by the runner's split time. The curve is highest at the x-values that correspond to the range into which the largest number of the runner's leg places fell. Each leg contributes height in the y-direction proportional to its length. A curve with a high, narrow peak and without other, outlying peaks shows that the runner's performance indices were consistent during the entire course. A more spread-out curve with several peaks indicates more erratic performance indices.