Help for start page

Events in the database of WinSplits Online are shown on the start page, where you select the event for which you want to show split times. The page is divided into two sections. Below the page header there is a list of events matching the current search conditions, which in turn are stated at the bottom of the page.

The event list

The event list consists of date, name, organizing club, country and number of classes for each event matching the search conditions. The list can be sorted by one of these columns by clicking the corresponding column header. The column that the list currently is sorted by appears on yellow background. To show split times from an event, click the name of that event. The class selection page is then shown.

Search for events

When showing the page for the first time, all events during the last month classified as national, international or regional are listed by default. You can change the search conditions at the bottom of the page to find events in a certain country or between certain dates. Instructions are given to the right in the search section.

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